An Interview with Jon Pleased Wimminphoto

When did your love affair with house music begin?

I came from a different musical route to a lot of the house DJ’s I’ve met. My first love as a kid was pop and new wave, which then led through the quagmire of Goth and into High Energy and Italo Disco, which was only really heard in the UK’s underground gay clubs. The first house records that really got me excited were the early KLF 12″s, S’express, Baby Ford, The Beloved and things like Kariya and E’zee Posse.

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 An Interview with Silosonic

Hi Alex, this month we have seen the release of ‘Turn To Gold’ and as its your debut track on Kidology we felt it was only fair to share some info / knowledge with the KL family about you, if that’s ok?header

So tell us, when did your love of house music begin?

1988 To me it was new, fresh & fun. I first started hearing it at raves and parties then at venues around Camden.  Eventually I heard “Theme From S’ Express” on the radio. Still remember that moment!

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stateunknownAn Interview with Ed Case & Dan Genal of State Unknown

with their debut track ‘Giving Out Your Love’ with vocals from the highly talented Cassandra London.

So guys when did your love affair with house music begin?

I think we both are a similar age so I guess when I went to the carnival years ago maybe 1990 and heard Strings of Life and French Kiss I was hooked, I was into Drum and Bass at the time but remember going to events like Club Uk and Bagley’s, Showing our age now!

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An Interview with Gordon John

gordonjohnGordon, how does it feel to see your track doing so well?

It’s a great buzz to have hit the top 25 on Traxsource for my first release on the awesome Kidology. I am very thankful to anyone who has already bought it and also for Kidology for signing it.

As a DJ and producer tell us about your most memorable DJ experience to date.

There has been a couple of moments that I can’t write in print but the best so far was Toronto last year in June playing to a 2500 strong crowd who were totally up for it.

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An Interview with Black Legend


Which came first, DJing or production? 

Dj-ing of course, It was 1984 and I was only 14 (now you know I’m almost 44) when I was invited as a guest in a radio talk show from a very small local FM station. Once in there, I was so enchanted by what I saw, that I kept going back every day after school asking just to sit down and watch. Once I’d turned into a piece of the radio furniture, I was offered to do a 2 hours late afternoon music selection, of course a selection out a given bundle of 30 or 40 records and having to play commercials on cassettes every 15 minutes. A love had blossomed.

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An Interview with Le Funk

Hi Le` Funnk,

Welcome to Kidology London, with your forth coming & debut release on our label, can you share with us, why KL and your thoughts behind ‘Life Is The Way’.

And Valarie M, please tell us more…


Le` Funnk…. Firstly I`d like to say a big thank you to Kidology for signing my track “Life Is The Way”, I`m honored, as I’ve admired Kidology music for a long time and love the style of House Music you guys put out on your label.

The thinking behind “Life Is The Way” was that I wanted to put an old school sounding House track together with a nice piano, complimented with todays modern House bass riff, & topped of with a cool House vocal reminiscent of the greats like Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown, whose work I love so much. This is where Valerie M came in, wh

o came along with a awesome background, that being that she was a vocalist for Groove Armada & The Freestylers & this was the kind of vocal I had been looking for. I owe Adam David a massive thanks & gratitude for putting us together.

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Da’Silva Gunn ‘OVERTIME’ Interview

Welcome back to Kidology, it’s been a while since your last track ‘Hit The Dance floor’ was released on KL, your track gained great reactions in clubland and across radio stations, being supported by many DJ’s.dsilva

So tell us where the name Da’Silva Gunn came from…

We’d love to be able to give an amazing story about how we were in some exotic country and we picked up a news paper and were influenced by a story about two people who had dodged death after nearly being shot by a silver gun, but alas it’s a lot more simple than that. Roger’s surname is ‘Da’Silva’ and mine is ‘Gunn’ and it just works, as if it was meant to be (as they say), so we simply combined the two. (But if anyone asks it’s the first story)!

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