An Interview with Da’Silva Gunn ‘OVERTIME’


Da’Silva Gunn ‘OVERTIME’ Interview

Welcome back to Kidology, it’s been a while since your last track ‘Hit The Dance floor’ was released on KL, your track gained great reactions in clubland and across radio stations, being supported by many DJ’s.

So tell us where the name Da’Silva Gunn came from…

We’d love to be able to give an amazing story about how we were in some exotic country and we picked up a news paper and were influenced by a story about two people who had dodged death after nearly being shot by a silver gun, but alas it’s a lot more simple than 810that. Roger’s surname is ‘Da’Silva’ and mine is ‘Gunn’ and it just works, as if it was meant to be (as they say), so we simply combined the two. (But if anyone asks it’s the first story)!

And describe to us how ‘Overtime’ your new release came about and what it represents to you…

When we sit down to make a track the music comes first and lyrics follow, it’s just the way we like to do things. More often than not we like to use pianos, synths or both in our productions and have a fair idea of what we’re going to make. With ‘Overtime’ we kind of went with the flow, playing around with a few ideas to see which sounds and elements fitted and complimented each other. If we’re honest we really didn’t have a clue what to put in lyrically as we try to steer away from using samples of well known or established records.
On this occasion we were chatting about what to do with it where the lyric was concerned when we heard a track on the radio on the way to a gig. It was Black Box’s ‘Ride on Time’ and we had the part of ‘Ride on Time’ going around in our heads which we just adjusted to suit the record. Easy really!

And which came first, DJing or music production?

For both of us we will always first and foremost be DJ’s. Although we’d both dabbled in making bootlegs and personal mash-ups we never really took the studio side seriously enough to start making ‘proper’ music. When we first met (a while ago) we started chatting about sitting down in the studio to see what happened in between our separate gigs, as musically we both wanted to make a similar sound.

Nowadays it’s the other way around, with us spending more time in the studio than behind the decks, but, for us, there’s no better feeling than playing your music in a club and seeing peoples reactions to it, it’s what drives us forward.

Tell us about your most memorable DJ experience to date.

It’s always hard to pick out a stand out gig, but when we went over to ‘PlayHouse’ in Ireland last year the crowd we’re amazing. It was an ace little intimate gig and we had the chance to mix it up with various styles of House which, when we play live, is what we like to do usually. No matter what we played they danced, and they really made us feel like superstars. We’re open to offers though on a full on arena tour!

What are your current Top 5 tracks?

*In no particular order*

1) Wise D & Kobe – What’s Up (We love these guys)

2) Nic&Peter – Both Of Us (A sure floor filler)

3) 4) Cristian Poow – Everything I Need (Staying in our rekordbox for a while)

4) Patrick M, The Cube Guys & DJ PP – The Way I Like It (3 big names for 1 BIG track)

5) Cristoph – Do to Me (That Bassline)

What was your favourite food when you were a child?

Martin: I was a very plain eater, so believe it or not I used to live off of bread and butter as a young whipper snapper. If I was given Ham or Chicken slices they had to be separate from the bread. I’ll eat anything now, unless it’s spicy, or still alive!710
Roger: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches were the bomb. As I’m the younger one of the duo, I was a huge fan of Sesame Street, although Martin & I are often mistaken for Statler & Waldorf from the Muppets.

If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?

Martin: Seriously, don’t get Roger started on this one, we could be here for quiet sometime.
For me it would definitely be to all get along. Were all here for what is, technically, a short space of time so why concentrate on hating when loving is much easier to do. God I’m a soft ar*e.

Roger: Don’t give up. We’ve been going for a long time and continue to look at where we want to be. We could have packed it all in on quite a few occasions for one reason or another, but we carry on because we love what we do both musically & in a ‘Live’ arena, and we ain’t gonna give this up. So even if you feel defeated, lift your head above the water line, take a big deep breath and strive to get to your goal no matter how far away it looks.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Martin: I’ve a deep fascination with Jim Morrison from The Doors. I’ve always been an avid lover of all different types of music, especially bands from the 60’s & 70’s. I think it’s essential when making House Music to have all kinds of influences, but yeah, for me everything about Morrison, from his music, the lyrics, his life style, just how it all came together to make him and the Doors what they were. Plus I’m a keen surfer so listening to the Doors on a beach with the Fire going is a must for anyone.

Roger: Albert Arnold Gore (AL Gore)
He served as the 45 vice president he was so close to becoming president but was beaten to the nomination by Hilary. I would like to know how he felt about that and was she the best candidate. Where did his passion for the environment start and how long had he been fighting for humanity. Something away from music but I think we all need time out from it to keep us sane.

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