An interview with Gordon John


This month we very much welcome Gordon John to Kidology, his debut track ‘Hot For You’ storming the download charts and receiving massive support out there in clubland, it’s a sure fire – dancefloor winner!

electricGordon, how does it feel to see your track doing so well?

It’s a great buzz to have hit the top 25 on Traxsource for my first release on the awesome Kidology. I am very thankful to anyone who has already bought it and also for Kidology for signing it.

As a DJ and producer tell us about your most memorable DJ experience to date.

There has been a couple of moments that I can’t write in print but the best so far was Toronto last year in June playing to a 2500 strong crowd who were totally up for it.

And which came first for you, DJing or music production?

Djing and then naturally I wanted to make my own beatz. I’m still in that zone of developing my own sound, which takes time so that there is always one distinct feature that makes you stand out. I am very lucky having the studio working relationship with a great friend of mine Massimo Paramour. Studio time with him is fun, creative and requires lots of coffee. He is mega talented and has a huge past in production/engineering and also hopefully a great future ahead. It would make me very happy to see him go big his talent is blinding.

What are your current Top 5 tracks?

  1. sneakersD Ramirez – So Special – Big Love
  2. Dusky – Yoohoo – 17 Steps
  3. Ganzfeld Effect – Speakers – Toolroom
  4. Cristoph – Do To Me – Defected
  5. Gordon John – Wake Up The Funk – Instereo

What’s coming up next for Gordon John musically?

Next year is gonna be busy in the studio, I def plan to up my game. First off lots of collabs coming with DJ Crown, Lucas Reyes, Alyson Calagna, Danielle D’allesandro and my 2 favourite boys Barry Obzee & Lawrence Friend. Releases starting off 2015 on Influential, Hotfingers & Hedonistic with follow-ups(once sent & accepted) hopefully on Kidology, Koolwaters, Leap4rog, Jungle Funk, Subterraneo & Instereo plus a remix for Egoism. I am also in talks with Leap4rog about doing an album.

I am also working on a project making an album of breakbeat/drum’n’bass tracks, all lyrics wrote by myself. This is totally different from my house stuff and will be on par with the sound of Massive Attack/Portishead but faster & more driving but still with a dark & moody edge.

Any New Year resolutions you wish to share, past or present?

To give up smoking which happens but then I fail badly. To stop being such an OCD clean freak but that will never happen. To not hifibanter & insult my friends so much especially on Facebook but I think they love it too much for me to stop.

How do you see 2015 being for you?

I am hoping it will be a good year. I plan to be working my ass off in the studio which in turn am hoping will bring me an agent/manager next year as that would be the next step to becoming more out there.

Also maybe a new romance might enter my life it has been 6 years now and I’m ready for that 14-year-old crush/excitement lol.

Why not share with us something completely random?

I used to be a champion Irish dancer when I was younger. I want about 10 dogs when I eventually buy my own place. I go like butter when I see lions up close.

Thank you and a very Happy New Year from all @ Kidology x

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