An Interview with Le Funk

lefunkHi Le` Funnk,

Welcome to Kidology London, with your forth coming & debut release on our label, can you share with us, why KL and your thoughts behind ‘Life Is The Way’.

And Valarie M, please tell us more…

Le` Funnk…. Firstly I`d like to say a big thank you to Kidology for signing my track “Life Is The Way”, I`m honored, as I’ve admired Kidology music for a long time and love the style of House Music you guys put out on your label.

eightThe thinking behind “Life Is The Way” was that I wanted to put an old school sounding House track together with a nice piano, complimented with todays modern House bass riff, & topped of with a cool House vocal reminiscent of the greats like Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown, whose work I love so much. This is where Valerie M came in, who came along with a awesome background, that being that she was a vocalist for Groove Armada & The Freestylers & this was the kind of vocal I had been looking for. I owe Adam David a massive thanks & gratitude for putting us together.

Life Is The Way is receiving massive support from DJ’s both in clubland and on Radio, has come as a surprise or did you kind of expect this reaction?

Le` Funnk…. It has taken me by surprise, especially when I see big name producers like StoneBridge & Hifi Sean loving & playing the track in their DJ sets, & big ‘in up the track, I mean, these are proper bonafide producers with Pedigree & Legendry status, it really has blown me away.

Are you planning to bring a follow up track out on Kidology, can we ask for any up front info about it?

Le` Funnk…. I would be more than happy to do a track for Kidology, they have been nothing short of awesome the way they`ve taken the track & promo’d it to everyone, radio plays, & the way they`ve dealt with me, its been pleasurable & as I`ve said earlier, I`ve always liked the Kidology style & sound, & keeping the House Music movement going.

Tell us about your most memorable DJ experience to date.

Le` Funnk…. I`ve had a many memorable experiences, I played on the Space Ibiza Tour last year, I`ve also played & headlined alongside the great Farley Jackmaster Funk in Skegness, we had a blast that night & have become great friends, he`s an amazing man & a awesome friend, i also played on the 1st ever Secret Party Project @ a 10 million pound mansion for Back Once Again which was awesome, also playing @ Egg Club this year, but the No 1 DJing experience has to be when I got flown to America to headline an event in Pittsburgh in 2010, which still seems like yesterday as the memories are so vivid, I get goose bumps when I think of that weekend, the promoters & the crowd especially where & are still, totally awesome. I still have the flyer from that event, they even named the event after me & was called Funnk`d Up, a massive thank you to J-me the promoter for having me over there, I loved every single minute of the whole weekend I was there, I can still remember the 1st track I dropped there which was a mash up of Robin S “Show Me Love” & Run DMC “Its Like That”

And which came first, DJing or production?

Le` Funnk…. DJing came 1st for me

What are your current Top 5 tracks?

sevenLe` Funnk…. Hmm this is a tough question,,there`s so many great tracks out there @ the moment from so many good producers, can I give you my Top 5 favourite tracks ever cus I think those tracks as well as being pioneering for the House Music generation but also set the standard of productions.

1) Robin S – Show Me Love…StoneBridge`s production is awesome & can`t be bettered in my opinion, it`s the perfect Dance track ever!

2) Ministers De La Funk & Jocelyn Brown – Believe
what a track this is, its just pure quality, Morillo & the Queen of House Jocelyn Brown, what a great combination, I love that woman`s voice so much!!!

3) Todd Terry – Something Going On
what can I say about this track, other than its sublime, it`s a great piece of production & it`s the pioneer Todd Terry

4) Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
How can anyone not love this song, right from the opening bars, you know the track straight away & its so memorable, it`s Frankie Knuckles The Godfather of House Music who had so much vision & integrity to develop House Music & make it global to what it is today, whatever branch of Dance music your involved with, DJs, Producers, Singers, Record Labels & Clubs, we all owe Frankie Knuckles a massive huge thank you & we are all forever in debt, R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

5) 99th Floor Elevators – Hooked (Tony De Vit)
This is such a great, totally unique track & brimming with non stop energy, I love it & it’s the Great Tony De Vit

What was your favorite food when you were a child?

Le` Funnk…. Sweets, obviously, doesn’t every kid love sweets

If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?

Le` Funnk…. Deep question is this, but we, as a human race are one & all the same, regardless of colour or belief, we should be able to respect each other & live together side by side in harmony.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Le` Funnk…. I already have met a great person, who has sadly died, I was privileged to know him, & be @ his funeral, the Great & Awesome Tony De Vit. If anyone was a prime example of being a DJ & Producer, then Tony was it. He was the Best DJ ever & could make any room bounce, & his productions were immense, superb & numerable, he was the hardest working DJ & Producer I have ever seen, & greatly loved where ever he played, cus he was so warm & accommodating to everyone. He was very generous with his advice on DJ’ing, he once said which I adhere to this day “play every set as if its your last set, cus you never know when its going to end, & more importantly, you play your heart out for the people dancing in front of you, make them happy, they`ve paid good money to come & dance, always be good to your audience, they ultimately are paying your wages”
What a guy, The Greatest DJ ever!!! R.I.P. Tony De Vit

Thank you Le’ Funnk and more info available here:

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