An Interview with Silosonic


Hi Alex, this month we have seen the release of ‘Turn To Gold’ and as its your debut track on Kidology we felt it was only fair to share some info / knowledge with the KL family about you, if that’s ok?

So tell us, when did your love of house music begin?

11988 To me it was new, fresh & fun. I first started hearing it at raves and parties then at venues around Camden.  Eventually I heard “Theme From S’ Express” on the radio. Still remember that moment!

Where did your DJ name, Silosonic, come from?

When I signed the track “Something (to make you feel alright)” to Lowered Recordings I didn’t have a name. I suggested Sonic Silo. (you know, something big, powerful, underground like a nuke)  Jules Spinner, the owner of the label said he thought it rolled off the tongue better as Silosonic. He was right and it stuck.

2Which came first in your career, DJ or Producer and when did this start for you?

Production came first. From 4-track cassette recorders through to todays multi-core number crunchers I’ve always loved the technology. But it really started when I signed to Chris Simmonds’ label in @93. He released the first few records I made. I remember working with Chris, doing a long session on an idea I started on my atari. We did it midweek, and by the weekend he had pressed a dubplate which Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson opened his KissFM show with. When I heard those first few beats getting broadcast across London it gave me such a great feeling! Those releases on Baby Blue and Cross Section Records got more radio spins and support and got me rolling.

Where was your last gig and is there anything memorable you can share with us from it?


What is currently your favourite venue in London and why?

For me it’s less about the venue and more about the music. As long as good vibes are created!

3Your brand new track Turn To Gold, just released, features the beautiful vocal of Shaka Lish, tell us more about her and your connection please..

We connected through a mutual friend. After checking out each others Soundcloud I sent her a few ideas. She liked the instrumental of “Turn To Gold” and  I loved what she came up with immediately.  It was an incredibly fluid and stress-free collaboration!

Turn To Gold is getting very positive reactions out there, BBCi Radio said ”Tracks like this finally put my faith back in House Music, fantastic to see the emphasis being put back on the song and the vocalist, love every mix here!”

How does that make you feel Alex?

That’s great to hear. Vocals in any track gives it an identity, a uniqueness. I always try to get the best out of a vocal first, in order to get that definitive version. After that it’s fun to play around with loops and FX.  

4Who inspires you and why?

That is a difficult thing to answer. So many artists in every genre.

Do you have any favourite quotes or words of wisdom to share with us?

Sh!t, where do I begin? Just be true to yourself 🙂

5What was your first record you bought?

A Street Sounds compilation. Can’t remember which one! That series made a good variety of tracks accessible.  

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

Fewer beats, ethereal sounds.

I think we can all agree Turn To Gold is an absolute belter of a tune and early reactions are very much proving that, thank you and your support is always very much appreciated, buy it now!!!!

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