An interview with State Unknown


This month we welcome Ed Case & Dan Genal of State Unknown to Kidology

with their debut track ‘Giving Out Your Love’ with vocals from the highly talented Cassandra London.

So guys when did your love affair with house music begin?

1I think we both are a similar age so I guess when I went to the carnival years ago maybe 1990 and heard Strings of Life and French Kiss I was hooked, I was into Drum and Bass at the time but remember going to events like Club Uk and Bagley’s, Showing our age now!

Tell us about your musical heritage, who were your inspirations?

Well my dad used to be into his Motown and rare groove, inspired me so much but my mum who isn’t really musical (tone def sorry Mum), used to play classical music, and made me learn the piano under duress. I can’t thank her enough now. I have been influenced by all UK music…Dj Hype and Randall I worshiped when I was younger. I also got inspired by so many producers and songs, too many to mention but their energy and their music was inspiring.

2To whom would you credit with your approach to DJing and the style of music you play & produce?

DJ HYPE…As I said earlier, his mixing showed me, you can make a third tune out of two different songs. So if you can’t tell the two songs apart in the mix then you’ve created a new sound, love it. I also saw Seamus Haji Dj and was blown away, very clever mixing using acapellas.

How did you get the name State Unknown?

The music was changing so rapidly it was unknown where it was going next; so the name just had a ring to it especially compared to the other names on the list., I won’t go there.

3Tell us more about the connection with Cassandra London, we all agree that she has amazing vocal talent!

Cassandra left a message on Facebook saying she was a singer and had been doing reggae for a long time. We had a listen and both thought she was a true talent.

Can you remember some of your first DJ gigs – how did it feel when you first

got on the decks and played to a crowd?

It felt nerve racking, like a bear or wild beast in your stomach wanting to rip it’s way out, as soon as you get on the decks it goes almost immediately. My first dj gig I remember my older brother taking me to Spiral Tribe and blagging me on the decks. Had to wait till 9am to play but was still rocking, loved every minute of it.

4What makes you decide to play a particular track during one of your dj sets?

Usually we play for 2 hours and we like to go on a journey with peaks and troughs, we listen and select beforehand what should be a 1st hour tune and what should be a 2nd hour tune. The latter being the banging nosebleed bass shaking, rip your face off variety. The first hour, not so much as we look for impact of the drops and those frequencies, which you can’t explain why? It just make you shake a leg.

Do you believe in the possibility of “reading an audience” – and how do you put it into practise?

Yes some people can read an audience and some DJ’s just have an aura about them, which makes the place rock. If an audience wants to be read it can work…I don’t think it’s something you can practice, either the club has a vibe or it doesn’t. 

A strong set can be truly more than the sum of its parts. How, do you feel, is the music transformed in the hands of a DJ and which way are you actively trying to create an experience that is more than just stringing together a few excellent records? I would like to think the selection of music we play in a set is a journey and a whole performance like a symphony with different movements. in our case the music is not with an orchestra but with the cdj’s and being creative with those tools.

What currently are your main challenges as a DJ?

Probably finding the time to hunt down all the tracks and go through them. It’s a painstaking job as a lot of what we get sent is not really our cup of tea. We are quite picky.

What is it about DJing compared to producing your own music that makes it interesting for you?

You need to see reaction of sounds you play and get a feel for the music you play so you can mix and master to the same standard. Not to mention inspiration to jump back in the studio and make music which makes you feel as good as the songs that inspire.

How do you feel the music has changed over the course of your career?

Well, it has gone from 170 bpm to 120bpm. and back up again. Tempos definitely changed but I think in the UK the people love bass so most of the genres I have been heavily involved in producing (D & B, UKG and House) all have fat bass so speed changed but everyone still loves B b b b BAAAAAAAAs!!

What is your current top 5 tracks?

1) Gordon John -Hip or Hop

2) Be True (Original Mix)
Josh Butler

3) This Song (Dario D’Attis Remix)
C’est MoiDario D’Attis

4) Ibellini – come up Ep …..That’s Right

5) Make Your Body Rock
Original Mix Peter Brown

Who are your current DJ idols

The Martinez Brothers…


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