An Interview with Black Legend


Which came first, DJing or production? 

Dj-ing of course, It was 1984 and I was only 14 (now you know I’m almost 44) when I was invited as a guest in a radio talk show from a very small local FM station. Once in there, I was so enchanted by what I saw, that I kept going back every day after school asking just to sit down and watch. Once I’d turned into a piece of the radio furniture, I was offered to do a 2 hours late afternoon music selection, of course a selection out a given bundle of 30 or 40 records and having to play commercials on cassettes every 15 minutes. A love had blossomed.


How did one evolve in to the other?

It was a very slow but continuous evolution. As an 80s teenager I was in love with pop and dance music as well as in love with the technology that was around it, so the choice for an electronics oriented school career was my choice. At the age of 16 I had a disco service to rent for private parties, the lights, controller and PA where in good part DIY, it was right before the advent of the first home computers. I then had the opportunity to have a Commodore 64 first and an Amiga soon after, and when I discovered that actual sounds could come out of a computer I was captured by a new love. I built a DIY sampling card for the Amiga and started carrying it around at gigs trying to convince club owners that was the future of music, always tried but never succeeded. Two years later I had a complete recording studio setup with a real mixing board, synths and samplers and in 1989 the first record with my name on was released.


What was your first experience with electronic music?

I can’t remember when I listened to the first “electronic music” record, neither it’s title, maybe because we didn’t have such music classification names at that time, but I remember that across 1988 and 1989, club music started changing. More and more records with a four on the floor beat made by drum machines started filling DJ’s record bags, and crowds started to enjoy getting loose on hypnotic grooves. You now call it electronic music, I call it house!


What can we see production wise in the coming months

Following the success of “You See The Trouble With Me” I was pulled day after day, more and more into the “crossover” side of the music production biz. 14 years later, only a few months ago, suddenly I asked myself if I remembered where I’ve started from, I did and I felt like I needed and wanted to spiritually go back to it, so I did. It’s time again for house music, I love what’s happening in the club scene, the old school vibe blends into a new school sound, that’s what you’ll see from me. In the next month I will be releasing “new school” house and tech house tracks on the best house labels out there, including some collaborations with fellow producers like Jerome Robins, Jorge Montia and Mike Newman. Two of the most promising productions of mine are just to be released in the next days under my new pseudonym Black Legend Project, they are “Be Free” coming out on Kidology on the 22nd of May and “Scream” on Tactical just the day after. On the remix side, after the release of my remix on the Kidology single from Charlie Hedges ft JB Gill, I’ve just delivered my own remix of the new Mark Wilkinson & Mikalis single “Be Prepared, Understand” due to be released later this summer.


What’s your dream DJ line-up? 

This is a tough question, there a so many DJs I respect and that I would love to play with or just listen to, really too many to fit a one gig line-up, and naming only a few would be ungrateful to others, so I will tell you the name of the only DJ that even now that I’m in the 40s, makes me stay in until the last record and feel like I want more, Danny Tenaglia. So yes, I may look vintage, but I still prefer DJs that are able to tell you a story in hours instead of super guests going on with a rifle of 12 hits to fire over in 50 minutes of set.


Current top 5 Tracks

Not in any particular order:

  • Black Legend Project “Be Free” (Original Mix) [Kidology London]
  • Shiba San “Okay” (Original Mix) [Dirtybird]
  • Samuele Sartini “Lovelight” (The Cube Guys Mix) [Sphera Records]
  • Black Legend Project “Scream” (Original Mix) [Tactical Records]
  • Mark Vedo “Desert Storm” (Original Mix) [Zulu Records]

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