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Release Date: 2016-10-27

Catalogue No: 2016-10-27

Following on from their release 'Be The Change' which has been one of the most popular releases this year on the label we're thrilled to bring you 'All In Or Nothing'. Once again Tom's top notch productions skills and Jennifer's songwriting talent and vocal abilities come together to create another very slick release which is oozing with individuality, this time working in a fantastic live bass line from Afaq Ahmed. Remixes come from label head Mark Wilkinson who delivers his brand of dance floor friendly house, Chris Sammarco sticks to the dance floor taking things a bit deeper on a classsic garage house vibes, Jay Kay takes things down a notch with an atmospheric mix perfect for the bars and terraces along with an instrumental, Southside Son delivers a gorgeous Deep House workout while Eddie Miller changes the vibe completely with a low tempo interpretation that works the live bass.

All In Or Nothing
Tom Chubb, Jennifer Anne Todd

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