Back | Doctor Si & Rebecca Sargeant

Release Date: 2012-08-30

Catalogue No: 2012-08-30

Although he has been DJing for over 15 years, Doctor Si is a relative newcomer as a producer, with just a few releases on smaller tech house labels to his name so far.

After some direction from our very own Mark Wilkinson and a couple of studio sessions learning from superstar Producer & Sound Engineer Reza, his tracks have definitely moved up a few gears and more towards the Kidology sound. This is the first of a few tracks from Doctor Si, so you can expect big things from this guy in the very near future.

Rebecca Sargeant kept it simple and told us: "Singing is my passion, it turns bad days into good days, I loved doing this house track with Si and I live for the music, thank u! x"

We are very proud to present this package for you on Kidology London..

Hooked Up
Doctor Si & Rebecca Sargeant

  • 01
    Hooked Up (Original Mix)
    Doctor Si & Rebecca Sargeant
  • 02
    Hooked Up (Instrumental)
    Doctor Si & Rebecca Sargeant
  • 03
    Hooked Up (Acapella)
    Doctor Si & Rebecca Sargeant

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