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Release Date: 2014-05-29

Catalogue No: 2014-05-29

What can we say about Lindo Martinez, our favourite Dutchman who is living the dream in Singapore Lindo has smashed it on Kidology London & Mjuizeek Digital in recent times and this mix album which combines tracks from both labels definitely takes him to the next level! We love the selection and the Dj mix that Lindo has done with it, enjoy it and let us know what you feel... Thank you

London After Dark Vol 5
Various Artists

  • 01
    The Player (Acapella)
    Mark Wilkinson Vs Steve More ft Wray
  • 02
    Funky Sweat (Original Mix)
    Lindo Martinez
  • 03
    Sunrise (2 Good Souls Remix)
    Lindo Martinez Vs Phil Franklin
  • 04
    Forever (Original Mix)
    Mark Wilkinson Vs Junk 45 ft Sabrina Johnson
  • 05
    Feel The Fire (Lindo’s Tech Mix)
    Lindo Martinez Vs Phil Franklin
  • 06
    Badman Speaking (Original Special Branch Mix)
    Paul Moore
  • 07
    Alright (Acapella)
    Mark Wilkinson Vs Paul Jackson
  • 08
    Making Moves (Original Mix)
    Lindo Martinez & Mark Wilkinson
  • 09
    Best Night Oml (Pt. 2 Lindo Martinez Remix)
    Charlie Hedges feat JB
  • 10
    Lasting Love (Original Mix)
    Lindo Martinez & Mark Wilkinson
  • 11
    Alright (More & Masters Rework)
    Mark Wilkinson & Paul Jackson
  • 12
    Fiesta (Original Mix)
    Barry Obzee
  • 13
    Movin’ (Original Mix)
    Mark Wilkinson & Paul Jackson
  • 14
    Hola Pianola (Original Mix)
    Orson Welsh
  • 15
    Fanf’r (Vocal Mix)
    Black Legend Project
  • 16
    60 Min Continuous DJ Mix
    Lindo Martinez

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